moving to Germany

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moving to Germany

Beitragvon Banzai » 23.09.2016, 18:26

Hello from the Netherlands,

my name is Bauke and I drive a '11 Colt Ralliart. I had several modifications done to it but now have some questions as I will be moving to Germany soon (near Bocholt). I will be staying there for a few years (at least that`s the plan) and would like to take the car with me. I`m not quite sure if I will have to homologate all modifications (TUV) and if that will be possible as Germany seems a lot stricter when it comes to approval of any changes on a car. I was thinking of keeping my dutch registration but that will not be possible if I live in Germany permanently. Also does anyone know if car insurances in Germany will somehow recognize all the years I`m already driving? It seems that the insurance alone is rather high.


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