Is this the best value digital pre-amp?

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Is this the best value digital pre-amp?

Beitragvon Williamhawk » 09.10.2017, 08:04

Hi all,

Is this the best value digital pre-amp?

I'm happy with my stereo speakers, power amp, and subwoofer. But, I'd like to try room correction. The two leading products seem to be Lyngdorf's RoomPerfect, and Dirac Live. I don't really have the spare cash to spring for an Arcam SR250, or a Lyngdorf anything, but the miniDSP DDRC-24 looks very tempting. The only problem is that it only has a single optical digital input, and I need 2 optical, plus a co-ax digital input. I searched for a digital preamp with sufficient digital inputs, and an optical digital output, to put in front of the miniDSP, then I thought "do I just need a switch?" Since the miniDSP would be handling the volume, would something like a Porta 4x1 optical switch with IR remote for under £20 work? Plus a Cable Mountain coax to optical converter for another £12.

I have a Harmony remote that I can use for doing all the switching, so I'm not worried about that being a drag.

Can anyone think of a better value digital pre-amp with decent room correction DSP than this combination of a digital switch and miniDSP for less than £400?

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